Sunday Funday

Today I got some much needed TLC from spending time out in nature with Marcus and Fudge. It was a very chilly day but the sun was shining so we decided to head out and explore some more of the forest. We ventured to Bolderwood. Marcus, Fudge and I never EVER stick to the path … Continue reading Sunday Funday


2019… Let’s do this!

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had the most magical Christmas and indulged way too much (I certainly did)! I loved spending time with my whole family and ALL our pets (in total we had seven, with all the cats and dogs ahah!) It was so nice to laugh and enjoy each other's company. All … Continue reading 2019… Let’s do this!

Autumn Days

I love a cold crisp sunny day. That is by far my favourite kind of weather. It just makes everything so happy and fresh. Everyone and everything just seems that little bit more vibrant. Autumn is definitely the season for bright beautiful colours. The trees become so vibrant; reds and oranges. Footpaths crunchy with leaves. … Continue reading Autumn Days