2019… Let’s do this!

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had the most magical Christmas and indulged way too much (I certainly did)! I loved spending time with my whole family and ALL our pets (in total we had seven, with all the cats and dogs ahah!) It was so nice to laugh and enjoy each other’s company. All us “kids” took the three doggos for a walk Christmas day; it was such a nice catch up!

Now it is the New Year and it is time to get myself back in to gear. Marcus is joining the reserves so we are both getting in to a bit of a health kick. We are eating healthy (which we do 90% of the time anyway!) just having to restrain ourselves when it comes to pizza (it is our weakness ahah).

I have always loved running and Marcus has recently got back in to it. So Fudge, Marcus and I have been running together. It is so much fun and makes it a bit of a laugh! I highly recommend if you are trying to get fit this year grab a friend, your dog, partner or family member and get outside or in the gym together. Exercise needs to be ENJOYABLE otherwise it will end up feeling like a chore and you’ll never do it. As a new years aspiration mum and I are signing up to some running races. We are always going to hopefully be doing another half marathon (like the total nutters we are ahah)!

I am also going to be working more on my writing this year; so get ready to see more posts on here! I am also writing a novel… eek.

This year I am working on self – care and trying to slow down a bit more in this hectic world we are living in! To achieve this is I am getting outside (fresh air clears my mind so much) with Fudge and Marcus to explore more new places. I am also getting in to yoga and meditation. I am currently using the book ‘Thrive Through Yoga’ by Nicola Jane Hobbs, it is a 21 day journey and is all done step by step (perfect for a beginner like me)!

Of course I will also be spending this next year having fun with my amazing family and friends.

I wish you all the best for the New Year.

Till next time ….


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