Winter Walks – South West Coastal Path

England has some of the most beautiful and scenic places to visit. I am so lucky to be in Dorset and have loads of beautiful landmarks and places to visit right on my doorstep. Marcus is mine and Fudge’s personal tour guide! Our most recent adventure was today to the Isle of Purbeck and we walked along part of the South West Coastal Path. I highly recommend walking parts of it.

Today we braved the sea mist and winds. The mist made it hard to see all the views but the views we did see were beautiful and slightly eery. It was actually very idyllic in a strange way.

I imagine when we go on a sunnier day the views will be even more breath taking.

It was so windy today but that made it so much fun and rather hilarious. We struggled to walk in parts because it was so windy! My hair also was blowing everywhere making it impossible to see where I was walking (Marcus found it highly entertaining!)

Fudge’s ears were flapping all over the place, it was so funny bless him. Fudge really enjoyed it. He loved being able to run about and let some steam off. It is great for dogs as you can walk for miles and miles (plus an extra perk is it is a bit of exercise for us aswell!!)

It was so muddy (that’s what I get for walking in the winter aha!) I felt like a little kid stomping in all the mud and puddles. It was fun. Walking with Fudge has always made my soul happy and great for my mind. It is made even better now by being able to share it with Marcus aswell.

It was such a great start to the Christmas holidays. I find walking in the winter can be just as breath taking as walking in warmer seasons.

Till next time …


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