Autumn Days

I love a cold crisp sunny day. That is by far my favourite kind of weather. It just makes everything so happy and fresh. Everyone and everything just seems that little bit more vibrant. Autumn is definitely the season for bright beautiful colours. The trees become so vibrant; reds and oranges. Footpaths crunchy with leaves. The world looks that little bit prettier and the air feels so fresh and new.

I am so unbelievably lucky at the moment to be living in the New Forest/Dorset border; meaning I am able to embrace Autumn’s beauty in some outstanding places. I am a total weirdo who loves the beach more in Autumn and Winter than I do in the Summer. I find the cold air and sea salt being whipped into my hair more exhilarating and carefree than boiling and getting sand stuck all over me (probably an unpopular opinion aha!)

However, I am also in love with walking through the Forest and Woods. I love walking through and seeing the leaves changing their colours and starting to fall down. The air damp making your cheeks go all rosy. Getting lost and having that sense of adventure. I love it.

Moving to this area at this time of year has made the whole process that little bit easier. I get homesick sometimes (I am such a family girl) and find that a walk in the Forest or a sit on the beach looking out over the sea really helps clear my head. The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks distracting my mind for a while. I 100% suggest that if you are feeling down or stressed just head outside and embrace nature. It really does help.

I am so excited to take Fudge on lots of adventures to beach and Forest. We will most definitely get lost but that is part of the fun aha!

Till next time …


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