Travelling with Fudge

They say a dog is our best friend. In my case that is 100% true. Fudge, my seven year old Welsh Border Collie, is my number one travel companion. He is up for any adventure, even just a trip in the car to get petrol! I am going to share mine and Fudge’s top three places to go and explore…

Travelling with a dog can sometimes be a major stress like “have I got enough poo bags?” , “will there be service stations to stop at if it is a long journey?” and “have I packed everything?” (Always have this thought when we take Fudge away for a weekend!) Sometimes I feel like I have a baby! I always write a list then pack. I over pack on poo bags and food than needed just in case. I am really lucky Fudge and Obi are so used to travelling in the car since they were pups.

Highcliffe is my first place that Fudgey and I love to explore. Lucky for us Marcus is from Hampshire, making him our perfect tour guide! Going back to my last blog this place is another beauty in our country.

Highcliffe beach has an amazing cliff edge walk, the views are beyond stunning all year round

It is so peaceful and a way to get from the world with your four legged friend.

Highcliffe beach also allows dogs on parts of the beach all year round which is amazing because the dogs can join in on summer trips to the beach! Fudge adores running along the long beach and chasing his ball into the sea. It feels like being abroad! It is great for the dogs to socialise, to relax and swim. Perfect for us owners too! Fudge is a big fan of sunbathing with me aswell!

Fudge and I love a trip to Wendover Woods. We always go with mum and Obi (our four year old Staffie). The adventures to be had there are endless. It is a great way to get some fresh air and embrace nature. There are so many walks to go on and we always get lost!

I am so lucky to have such beautiful walks right on my door step. It is such a great form of exercise for both us and the dogs. Obi loves a little snooze once he is home.

Finally one of mine and Fudge’s all time favourites is very close to home. Ivinghoe Beacon. A five minute drive from home. The sunsets and sunrises from there are so beautiful and breathtaking. You can see all the little villages from the top and even the chalk lion at Whipsnade Zoo. Fudge always loves it because we either take a picnic (and he gets some crisps) or I get him a small 99 ice cream as a little treat! Just watch out for the sheep!

Walking Fudge has always been a way for me to clear my head and connect with my emotions. There is something so peaceful and heart warming about spending quality tome with your furry friend. I hope you have some amazing adventures with your dogs!

Till next time …


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