Lake District 2018 (Ullswater)

We live in an era now where travelling to exotic far away lands is the thing to do, as if it is the only way to find landscapes of beauty, peace and freedom. We have forgotten how beautiful home is, in my case England. I, myself had forgotten the beauty and peace England holds and that I do not need to travel and spend lots to find it.

I have recently got back from a family trip ( my mum’s big 5 0 … she is going to kill me for mentioning that) to Ullswater in the Lake District. We usually as a family go abroad for the summer, but this year we wanted to celebrate with the whole family. Like everyone I was a little dubious of the weather and if it would actually feel like holiday. I can honestly say though it was and is one of the best and most beautiful places I have travelled to.

We hired out the most idyllic building; Hause Hall Farm with either side of it, Cruik Barn and The Stables. The perfect setup for a big group of people plus the two dogs ( Fudge will appear alot, he is my number one travel companion). I remember now walking through the house to the back doors to see the most breathtaking view. Oh my, it was even more breathtaking at night when all the stars came out, no light pollution at all.

Everyone gasped and silence fell (which is extremely rare in my family)! When I looked out at that view everything negative left my mind and peace just overflowed me. It is a view I will never get used to.

Not only were the views so mesmerising, the walks around the lakes were just amazing. There were walks for everyone to do, even my grandparents managed some walks!

There were sheep EVERYWHERE! Obi (my crazy Staff) found this equally terrifying and exciting (it was his first ever holiday). My brother took us on a ‘light amble’ on our first day, ha! Three hours later and a trek through overgrown ferns we finally got back. Luckily the weather was beautiful and it was such a hilarious adventure. We all nearly collapsed in a big heap of sweat after crawling up the steep hill. The glares my brother received when we walked through the ferns were deadly to say the least! It was typical family adventure to be honest.

We did so much walking, drinking, partying ( we had a Hawaiian night in the middle of the hills of Ullswater… was definitely a site to see) and plenty of afternoon teas were had! It was a beautiful, peaceful and magical part of the country. A holiday destination I highly recommend.

Basically what I am trying to say is holidays and beautiful views can be found right here in our own beautiful country. We do not always appreciate it as much as we should do.

Till next time … X


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